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Organizational Culture And Program Culture - 1138 Words

Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND PROGRAM CULTURE 1 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND PROGRAM CULTURE 6 Organizational Culture and Program Culture Brandi Miller PJM 500 ? Project Management Colorado State University ? Global Campus Dr. Arnetra Arrington April 10, 2016 Organizational Culture and Program Culture How workers see their part in a difficult project ? and their ability (to hold or do something) in the organization in general ? is seen as a basic part of the program culture. Therefore, an organization s structure and tasks molded by organizational/ program culture. Ventures seen as changing to make better/changing to fit new conditions to the culture/ program may have smoother usage and higher action of accomplishing or completing something challenging rates contrasted with activities that argument or point in an argument with program standards. Understanding organizational/ program culture and its association with task administration can help organizations figure out which ventures merit seeking after. By inserting the task administration mentality in authoritative society?, firms may create long haul advantages in an aggressive domain, as indicated by a recent report by the Project Management Institute (PMI) titled Pulse of the Prof ession: Capturing the Value of Project Management. In this paper, the evaluation of this case study is discussed. Case Study Questions What are the key program cultures ingrained in the Defense Support Program?Show MoreRelatedThe Organizational Culture Of The Exploration Summer Program At Yale Essay2181 Words   |  9 PagesOrganizational Analysis Paper: Examining the Organizational Culture of the Exploration Summer Program at Yale Introduction Purpose Whether we like it or not we are surround and affected by organizations on a daily basis. The different organizations that we belong to, work for, or socialize with shape the type of people we are and the cultures and beliefs that we accept. When looking at these organizations a lot can be learned about the organization’s culture by analyzing the values, assumptionsRead MoreBest Buy - the Importance of Organizational Culture and Change1099 Words   |  5 PagesImportance of Organizational Culture and Change Organizational cultures that can be a liability to an organization include those that create barriers to change, create barriers to diversity or barriers to mergers and acquisitions. (Robbins, S. P. 2011) Organizational cultures are also good for change and revitalization of a company. This paper will provide background information on Best Buy and the ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) Program. This paper will describe the culture of Best Buy.Read MoreProject Management : Management Culture1499 Words   |  6 PagesManagement Culture Whether one is referring to a recently formed company or an organization that has been in existence for years, all organizations can be identified according to their culture. Project or program management styles may vary based on an organization’s goals, objectives, and established organizational culture. Furthermore, whether managing a project or program, the culture of an organization can sometimes influence the project or program management culture. Organizational managementRead MoreThe Success Of The Training Program1606 Words   |  7 Pagesbrings positive results on the organizations’ performance and represent an important intervention for the achievement of the organizational objectives (Gold, Rodgers and Smith, 2003; Nadler, 1984;Swanson, 2001, cited in Bunch, 2007, pg.143). The success of the training programs and the extent to which it will impact the organization relies on some internal elements like culture. As Alvesson (2013, pg.1) states, ‘how peop le think, feel, value and act is guided by ideas, meanings and beliefs of a culturalRead MoreOrganizational Culture And Change : An Organization1288 Words   |  6 PagesOrganizational culture and change Organizational culture is defined as that particular system of shared values, beliefs, and assumptions that happens to govern the way that people behave in a different organization. The shared organizational values happen to have a very strong influence on the employees of a different organization and dictate how they act, perform, dress, and carry out their jobs (Anderson Ackerman-Anderson, 2001). As such, organizational culture happens to be one of the mostRead MoreOrganizational Culture Change The Organization Culture Essay1413 Words   |  6 Pagesworld to hear a new CEO, an organizational consultant, a leadership expert—talk about the urgent need to change the organization culture. Often organizations set high aspirations to â€Å"change the culture† but fall short of modifying the way that people feel, behave and get work done. Culture changes rarely manifest into noticeable long term improvements. It is important to note that corporate cultures are slow to evo lve and difficult to change, that is not to say that culture cannot be changed. For startersRead MoreEssay about Rowe Program at Best Buy1013 Words   |  5 Pages Assignment #5 – Case: â€Å"ROWE Program at Best Buy† Nekeysha LaMaupin Professor:   Charles  Wittenberg BUS520 March 13, 2011 Abstract This paper is about a case study on, â€Å"ROWE Program at Best Buy† In this paper, I will describe the culture of Best Buy. I will also be discussing the approach to organizational change that the ROWE program illustrates. In addition, I will discuss the resistance, both organization and individual, that the ROWE Program had to overcome and the sources ofRead MoreThe Leadership Of Cal Rugby1157 Words   |  5 Pagesabout it by creating a culture where everyone is expected to contribute back to the middle. His actions led to creating a culture at Cal Rugby that has produced a foundation for successful leadership. Organizational is comprised of core values, beliefs and basic assumptions within organizational life which helps guide and coordinate member behavior. Edgar Schein, a preeminent scholar of organizational culture research, argues that people can come to know organizational culture based on three levelsRead MoreWhat Does Culture Affect Hr Philosophy, Policies And Programs?1098 Words   |  5 Pages1.- Culture gives societies their distinctive flavor and provides a guide as to how people interact and what they expect from one another. How does culture affect HR philosophy, policies and programs? Culture consists of symbolic system of values, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about appropriate behaviors that are shared in our society as a way of life. In other words, culture is a set of meanings (senses) and values that inform a particular way of life. It is lifestyle that shape and formRead MoreRowe Program at Best Buy987 Words   |  4 PagesROWE Program at Best Buy Payne 1 1. Describe the culture of Best Buy. Best Buy culture has changed tremendously. The company’s culture was once to embrace long hours and sacrifice, now the culture is more relaxed. The employees are now really able to run their own schedule as well as their own work progress. Before the ROWE program was introduces to the Best Buy employees would have to work until they found a solution. That means staying at work all night and day if the job or situation requires

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The External Factors that Affects Eastman Kodak Free Essay Example, 1500 words

The trend in photography has gradually shifted from traditional film cameras to the use of digital cameras. Aiming to grade a bigger market share, Kodak invested a large sum of money on the development of high-resolution inkjet printer as well as digital cameras and other electronic gadgets. (Hamm, Lee, Ante, 2007; Olivier, 2004)Application of Patents and other intellectual property rights protect the company from its competitors from copying its invention. (Arner Tiplady, 2004) For this reason, Kodak should immediately finalize the technicalities behind its innovation. Among the environmental concerns in the US includes acid rain, smog, and climate change. (U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2008) (See Table I PESTLE Analysis on page 7)Opportunity and Threats AnalysisKodak s decision to enter the consumer Ink-jet printer specially designed to give high-quality printing photos open an entirely new business opportunity on the part of the company since the company s decision to become digital enables the company to have the ability to compete in the global markets. (Symonds Burrows, 2005; Hamm, Lee, Ante, 2007) The fact that Kodak printers were designed to print fast aside from having a higher resolution than giving consumers the opportunity to have their pictures printed vibrantly that lasts for at least 100 years enables the company to have a competitive edge over other printers manufactured by other companies. We will write a custom essay sample on The External Factors that Affects Eastman Kodak or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page In case the company failed to protect the new technology with intellectual property rights, other companies could end up offering a similar high-quality digital printer at a much lesser cost.

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What Are Some Fishermen For Fishing During Adverse Weather...

Part A Question 1: The article suggests some fishermen choose piracy as an alternative to fishing during adverse weather conditions. The table below lists some of the marginal costs and benefits to fisherman during the adverse weather conditions. As shown above, not all cost can be measured in monetary value. Implicit costs such as opportunity costs are also considered as these are important in order to determine the economic profit. Piracy has far more monetary benefits than fishing during the adverse weather as suggested in the table. Furthermore, the marginal costs of piracy are mostly based to threats/expectations, while the marginal costs of fishing are mostly based on facts. Hence it can be said that piracy has more marginal benefits than fishing during the adverse weather, which causes an increase in piracy. Question 2: part (a) Market failure can be a result of externalities. As mentioned in the notes, the key points to externalities are: As all they applications imply with the externalities’ keys, and externalities cause market failure; the article does suggest that the growth of legalising gambling was a market failure. Question2: part (b) As Massimo Passamonti thinks that reducing gambling opportunities may improve the social well-being, there is in-fact a scope for government intervention to make it happen. The diagram below illustrates how imposing a tax on suppliers may affect the equilibrium: Imposing tax on the suppliers cause their profit toShow MoreRelated Fishing in the North Atlantic Essay example5849 Words   |  24 PagesFishing in the North Atlantic Abstract Ocean fishes have been consumed by humans beyond their maximum sustainable yields for years and the Atlantic cod and squid are two examples. Cods were primarily overfished to commercial extinction. Other variables were also examined to see if they contribute to the declining population. Water temperature was the natural phenomenon that may be responsible for poor egg hatching. Human causes such as increased UV radiation from depleted ozone and bottomRead MoreSience23554 Words   |  95 and answer the following questions. 1. What is the greenhouse effect? 2. How does it relate to climate change? 3. Draw and label the greenhouse effect. 4. Scroll down to the section â€Å"The Greenhouse Effect is Natural. What do we have to do with it?† What are some ways that humans are thought to be contributing to climate change? 5. Scroll down to the section â€Å"Small AverageRead MoreFilipino Culture4006 Words   |  17 Pagesimmigration, as well as religiosity and spirituality, and because of coexisting and sometimes conflicting values . Details are given outlining the global Filipino diaspora in the 21st-century and highlights its impact on the social and religious conditions of the people. An interview with a native born Filipinos young woman is also presented Filipino History Cultural Immersion Literature Review There are at least 77 major ethno-linguistic groups in the Philippine archipelago, which can beRead MorePest Analysis5202 Words   |  21 Pagesof shrimps along with Ecuador, world prices of shrimps fell by 50% during the decade 1986-1996. But, at the same time the production increased to generate $1500 - $4000 US Dollar per hectare of shrimp pond. Due to unstable political situation, frequent power cuts might be real threat to expanding shrimp industry. This might become more vulnerable if Xavier also had to consider the packaging and processing of shrimps. Xavier uses some form of prescribe antibiotics that are added to the ponds as theRead MoreClimate Change And Its Effects On Economic Growth Essay8671 Words   |  35 Pagesfloods, seasonal and regional pest and disease prevalence that result to conflicts for pasture and water resources, high food insecurity; encroachment into water catchment towers, human – wildlife conflicts and displacement of people among other adverse effects.(IPPC, 2007). Although climate change is a challenge that all countries have to contend with, its effects on economic development are not distributed equally among nations and regions. In fact developing countries that have contributed leastRead MoreBp Sustainability Essay28986 Words   |  116 Pagesbusinesses in the Gulf Coast region to our customers, colleagues, partners and shareholders around the world. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to everyone affected by what we do and how we do it – not just in the Gulf of Mexico, but wherever we operate. And not just this year, but every year. In this Sustainability Review, we look at what that sense of responsibility means in practice. We discuss how the accident and oil spill are shaping how we do business, and the changes we are making to our portfolioRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pagesmeans, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written consent of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., including, b ut not limited to, in any network or other electronic storage or transmission, or broadcast for distance learning. Some ancillaries, including electronic and print components, may not be available to customers outside the United States. This book is printed on acid-free paper. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 WVR/WVR 0 9 8 7 ISBN 978-0-07-340334-2 MHID 0-07-340334-2 Editorial director:Read MoreIgbo Dictionary129408 Words   |  518 Pageslost the copy. So only a photocopy of the original typed version exists. During the 1990s, the manuscript was partly typed without alteration into a Word processor, originally an Apple-based system. This was transferred to an IBM system quite recently, but without any conversion of the character codes. It seems that two different systems of coding diacritics were used and more than two IPA phonetic fonts. Furthermore, for some reason, the typing of the grammar sketch which precedes the manuscript is

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Enron Case - 2186 Words

Part B: What role did the CFO play in creating the problems that led to Enron’s financial problems? In order to prevent the losses from appearing on its financial statements, Enron used questionable accounting practices. To misrepresent its true financial condition, Andrew Fastow, the Enron’s CFO, takes his role involving unconsolidated partnerships and â€Å"special purpose entities†, which would later become known as the LJM partnership. Taking advantage from the SPEs’s main purpose, which provided the companies with a mechanism to raise money for various needs without having to report the debt in their balance sheets, Enron’s CFO directly ran these partnerships and designed them to purchase the underperforming assets (such as Enrons poorly†¦show more content†¦The employees tend to view themselves as individuals, focus upon their own needs and without putting extra effort on behalf of the overall company business. The culture was all about how m uch money could be made for many executive through the stock option incentive program. Finally, the culture makes it hard for creating an ethical environment and fraud is almost inevitable. The reason was Enron’s management has less focus to create a relationship of openness and trust with employees. Staff members who saw wrongdoing were either ignored or silenced. As such, it is an essential component in any businesss ultimate success or failure. Part A It is hard to believe Enron, the seventh largest leading corporation in electricity, natural gas and communications based in United Stated filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 2001. The company with claimed revenues of $101 Billion in 2000 finally ended up when investigations revealed that it had inflated its earnings by â€Å"hiding its debt, committing institutionalized, systematic and well-planned accounting fraud†. The scandal is the most significant corporate collapse in the United States since the failure of many savings and loan banks during the 1980s. (1) Enron Corporation was born in 1985, a resulting company of Houston Natural Gas and Omaha-based InterNorth. Ken Lay, who had been CEO of Houston Natural Gas, becomes chairman and CEO of the following year. Enron won Fortune Magazines award ofShow MoreRelatedEnron Case1075 Words   |  5 PagesMINI CASE: THE FILURE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AT ENRON 1.Which parts of the corporate governance system, internal and external, do you believe failed Enron the most? In the evaluation of the Enron’s case; by trying to see the very big picture, it is not only about that the internal part of the corporate governance system was failed or but also the external part of the corporate governance system was also failed. As noted on the last paragraph of the mini case, many people from different positionsRead MoreEnron Case1899 Words   |  8 PagesENRON CASE Please read the Enron cases posted on blackboard and the one in your book then answer the following questions based upon the case and Chapter 9. Make sure that your answers are supported by the facts of the case and the concepts you learned from Chapter 5. Please rely only on the case/chapter 9 to answer the questions except for question # 12—requires outside search. Make sure your answers are sufficiently brief, concise, and relevant to the question. Please avoid generalRead MoreEnron Case2402 Words   |  10 Pages Imane Malihi Prof. Fred Friend BLW411/511 March 27, 2014 The Downfall of Enron Corporation â€Å"Ethics and integrity are at the core of sustainable long term success †¦ Without them, no strategy can work and, as Enron has demonstrated, enterprises will fail. That’s despite having some of the ‘smartest’ guys in the room.† by Richard Rudden. As the quotation states, ethics and integrity play a key role in the success of any corporation; through these principles, companies can ensure their complianceRead MoreThe Case Of The Enron Case Essay1197 Words   |  5 Pages1.1. One of the most important fraud cases in the USA was The Enron case because of his criminal activity which involved a big part of USA. Let me give a short introduce about it, â€Å"In 1974, Kenneth Lay joined the Florida Gas Company, eventually serving as president of its successor company, Continental Resources Company. In 1981, he left Continental to join Transco Energy Company in Houston, Texas. Three years later, Lay joined Houston Natural Gas Co. as chairman and CEO. The company merged withRead MoreENRON Case Study1572 Words   |  7 Pages1. The Enron debacle created what one public official reported was a â€Å"crisis of confidence† on the part of the public in the accounting profession. List the parties who you believe are most responsible for that crisis. Briefly justify each of your choices. Following parties are believed to be the most responsible for the crisis. With any big organization going so bad, the blame starts with the top level executives, there was no different in this case. For Enron the blame started with Enron’sRead MoreEnron Case2918 Words   |  12 Pagesseemed eliminate confidence by the business world about the practice of good corporate governance in the United States. Enron was a company that was ranked as seventh out of the five hundred leading companies in the United States and is the largest U.S. energy company that went bankrupt leaving debts amounting to nearly U.S. $ 31.2 billion. In instance with the case of Enron known occurrence of moral threat behavior such as manipulation of financial statements with a record 600 million dollar profitRead MoreCase: 9 Enron928 Words   |  4 PagesCase 9: Enron; Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse Bruce Smith Minnesota School of Business BS430 Business Ethics MR. Morris November 25, 2012 1. 2. 1. How did the corporate culture of Enron contribute to its bankruptcy? Effective leaders are good at getting followers to their common goals or objectives in the most effective and efficient way; unfortunately for Enron, in the end Ken Lay and Jeffery skilling were too focused on profits that nothing else mattered. In theRead MoreEnron Case Study5921 Words   |  24 PagesEnron Case Study [pic] Part A: Problem Focused Analysis and Recommendations. 1. Brief Case Background. List key events, use timeline. Case Background At one time Enron was one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas, oil, and electricity. It also appeared to be one of the most profitable companies, taking shareholders from $19.10 in 1999 to $90.80 by the end of 2000. Enron’s top management answered to a Board of Directors whose responsibility was to question and challenge new partnershipsRead MoreThe Ethics Of The Enron Case1407 Words   |  6 PagesThe Enron case is a very popular case to show how the profession of accounting is vital to make the corporate world of business flow reliably. Enron was recognized as one of the world’s major electricity, natural gas, communications and pulp and paper’s company. However Enron was found to record assets and profits at inflated, fraudulent and non-existent amounts. Debts and losses were found to be excluded from financial statements along with other major transactions between Enron and other companiesRead MoreEnron Case Study Analysis1699 Words    |  7 PagesBusiness Strategy Enron Case Study 09/08/12 Enron Case Study: From Company to Conspiracy 1. What is the History of Enron, and what current situation does it find itself in? Enron was created by a combination of companies. These companies were Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth. These companies were merged together in July 1985. CEO of Houston Natural Gas, Kenneth Lay became chairman and CEO of the combined company. This happened in February 1986. The company changed its name to Enron on April 10th

Charitable organization Free Essays

The website is used to let the people know about their shop in more details e. G. Hat do they do, donations, collections and so on. We will write a custom essay sample on Charitable organization or any similar topic only for you Order Now Site search is easy to access Major Headings Are Clear Descriptive Navigation Labels Are Clear Concise TV (advertisements) Marketing Finance They used TV for advertisements to convey a message for their customers e. G. What is British Heart Foundation is for etc. Basically, to market a product or service. Can easily identify the topic Trying to show the qualities of the product or service the commercial is trying to sell. To convince the target audience to buy a product or to donate. Posters To inform about their products they selling to their customers. To persuade customers to come and visit the shop. Sales Discounts Half-price Special offers Face to face Sales They talk to the customers personally about what they do, how to donate clothes and how to contact them and also to get involved to help others. Persuasive words More information Formal used of language Leaflets They used leaflet to reach customers in their homes. Basically, it’s not a phone call that will annoy them when they’re relaxing or chilling. Direct (whoso it for? ) For people wants to donate clothes phone number(s) email address business address Phone call want to donate clothes or you want them to collect it. Phone call is easier to contact them. You can contact them anywhere you like A phone call gives you more time to communicate Allows you to confirm and check details quickly. Email A way of communicating to someone by sending messages and a way to send important documents. Easy to use The language used in emails is simple Formal/landforms language How to cite Charitable organization, Papers

Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture in China free essay sample

For the entrepreneurship environment, only the government cannot create a perfect environment for entrepreneur is not enough. The other big different thing between China and other developed countries is the civilian force’s influence for the small business. In some developed countries, most of successful business men like to pay money for the new enterprises, these abundant capital make these new company could have a faster development and people always call these successful business men named Angel Investor. But in China, the Angel Investment is less. Because the mean of Angel Investor is: â€Å"wealthy people who help entrepreneurs they believe in to start businesses by funding them† (Li Yi), however, the mean of the Angel Invertor is different from traditional Chinese rich people’s thinking, most of Chinese wealth people like to give money to their son or daughter, not other people who has no relationship with themselves, so, that is the most reason there are less Angel Invertor in China. We will write a custom essay sample on Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture in China or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The unsubstantial civilian force block the development of entrepreneurship in China, however, as time goes on, there will be more and more Angel Invertor in China.In 1945, when the University of Harvard began to open the Entrepreneurship Education, this subject has been developed more than 60 years. However, in China this subject grow up nearly 10 years. At the beginning of the subject created, most of universities are not be interested in the Entrepreneurship Education, with the development of the times, follow the trend and the needs of the community, some universities in the first-tier cities began to have this class. However, these classes are limited by fundamental realities of China that most of Chinese students’ parents disagree their son or daughter to choose this class because the venture capital for the traditional Chinese family is a huge extra expense. It is result in fewer students like to choose the Entrepreneurship major and also is the first reason that the en trepreneurship education developed not fast. The second reason is in china, the university education pay more attention to theoretical education, most of students just learn knowledge from books and have no practical experiences. In fact, the Entrepreneurship Education is a

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Business Strategy and Organizational Behaviour

Question: Discuss about the Business Strategy and Organizational Behaviour. Answer: Introduction KFC is one of the most dominant international players in the global business environment with its presence in over 109 countries and territories throughout the world. From the initial investigation regarding the background of the company, it is informed that the operations of the company are headquartered from USA to serve the needs and requirements of more than 12 million customers each day across the different locations of the globe. Hasan (2013) has informed through his examination that the continuously growing demands of consumers from the international market regarding the food and beverage products are adequately managed and fulfilled by KFC through the fundamental span of the business in the international locations. As part of the study, the company operates more than 4850 restaurants in the United States, whereas the establishing over 15000 restaurant chains in the global environment. It is worth to mention that KFC is a principal subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., which is lar gest restaurant chain business in the world regarding the necessary stretch of operations in over 37,000 locations from more than 120 countries and territories globally (Jabeen Katsioloudes, 2013). From the investigation conducted by WANJA (2015), it is determined that KFC entered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1975, whereas the operations of the company have expanded to throughout the country with the help of developing 115 outlets in different locations. KFC operates by adopting a franchise model for conducting international trade activities throughout the various nations including UAE (Taras Gonzalez-Perez, 2015). The business proceedings of KFC are franchised by Americana Group within the country. Core Business and Strategies of Two Branches The core business strategy of any profit making global organizations is based on promoting sales and revenues to enhance profitability and subsequently strengthening the financial position of the organization. Therefore, the particular fact leads the companies to leverage an increasing focus to the marketing strategies and policies for the chosen market environment. The marketing strategies employed by KFC is almost similar to any other large-scale global restaurant chain businesses, as critical approaches to the marketing strategies include executing rigorous customer research while conducting the market testing process at the same time (Ozturk, Joiner Cavusgil, 2015). From the research conducted by Hanif et al. (2014), KFC adopts the combination of market and consumer research alongside an aggressive advertisement campaign throughout the nation for marketing the food and beverage products offered by the company. The similar set of approach is also defined by the company for its in ternational operations, as the powerful commercial campaigns are observed in UAE. Additionally, in the context of UAE, both the celebrity endorsement twinned with the social media advertising is appointed by KFC for offering significant opportunities to the customers for sharing their feedbacks related to the food items and services of the company (Hooper, 2016). In this case, the companys strategy is based on gaining useful remarks from the customers of UAE regarding the addition of new features or their feelings or thinking related to the Halal guaranteed food items. Importance of Understanding International Business Based on the suggestion obtained from Kazmi et al. (2014), In order to develop a multinational product line or ensuring the expansion of business in the global environment, the marketing managers are specifically required gaining a proper understanding of the universal trading concepts and principles. More apparently, the key concepts related to the growth and prosperity of international business help the managers from different departments of the multinational enterprises to take practical decisions. Such decisions assist marketers forming ideal products for global marketing, determining the appropriate sourcing and distribution, and maintaining smoothness throughout the performance of companys supply chain (Hoffman, Munemo Watson, 2014). In the context of KFC, the company values the need of suitable understanding among the companys professionals for facilitating the brands entry in the different market conditions of the global environment including the emerging marketplace of UAE. Based on the survey undertaken by Buerki et al. (2014), it is observed that the precise understanding of the international business activities has helped the firm over the time to ensure success of international operations along with sustaining the overall growth. Culture plays the most important role in developing a useful understanding regarding the global marketing by the managers of a multinational organization (Bremmer 2014). The team leaders and executives of KFC understands the fact that the world in not flat and the absolute demand for one product would vary extensively in another country or setting due to the changes in culture and perception of individuals. Such scenario is the particular reason substantially encouraging the marketing and operating success of KFC throughout the world economy. Key Regulations governing International Ethics and Social Responsibility With reference to the study formed by Baroto, Arvand, and Ahmad (2014), ethics is defined by the individual set of beliefs and perception influencing the decision making abilities, capabilities, behaviours, and activities based on their appropriateness. The study further mentions that each country has its particular set of regulations for governing the ethical and unethical behaviours for the individuals as well as the organizations operating within the industry. The key regulations arguing the alignment of ethics and social responsibilities of the conducting businesses are chiefly considered by the global market players like KFC. Considering the key features of KFC in operating in the market of UAE, it is importantly observed that the companys policy needs is required adopting certain standards in treating their employees and maintaining specific set of behaviours with the other economic agents (Sheth, Sinha Shah 2016). Based on the research conducted by Balakrishnan (2015), KFC needs to introduce a unique hiring and firing approach for its employees in the course of operating in UAE. The individual work further added that shaping up the hiring and firing strategy is based solely on the ability of the indigenous people to perform the necessary job roles. On the other hand, the social policies and guidelines of UAE steer the company to develop an appropriate working environment constituting the involvement of a fair wages system (Hoffman, Munemo Watson 2016). Various Elements of Culture influencing International Business With the help of the scholarly example produced by Hoffman, Munemo, and Watson (2016), it is estimated that language, taste, regional values, and consumer habits are the key cultural factors from the business environment influencing the nature and direction of the operations of a global firm. The particular work has also signified that the combined effect of the mentioned factors varies based on the variety of economic and geographical conditions. Language plays one of the pivotal roles in creating an aggressive advertisement and promotional campaigns by the marketers of KFC. The marketers need to indulge in rigorous market research process regarding market testing and consumer behaviours for building precise mix of messages that should be translated and embedded into the formulation of marketing message (Zailani, et al., 2015). At the same time, KFC had faced an enormous challenge in entering the marketplace of UAE, where the environment is highly influenced by the environmental val ues and tastes among the residents. Zailani et al. (2015) argue that companies like KFC encounter multiple threats during the entering the international market because of the whole new eating habits on the inhabitants require adequate awareness of the global marketers. As part of the process, the company has to redesign its image by adopting an entirely different viewpoint, as the country looks for the Halal tag in their consumption of meals from the outside sources (Baroto, Arvand Ahmad 2014). Similarly, the changing regional values must need to be considered by the organization in designing various marketing approaches. Lastly, citing the work of Bremmer (2014), it is acknowledged that culture and personality are the factors that jointly responsible for shaping up the consumer behaviours in a particular region. The particular research indicates that a multinational restaurant chain business like KFC must need to determine whether the given location is part of an individualistic s ociety or a collective society. Based on the nature of culture in Middle East region, it can be proposed that UAE is comprised of a collective society, where the peer groups have their potential power on the buying decision of the entire nation (Balakrishnan 2015). Hence, the certain factors from the cultural environment have their dominant influence over the rise and progress of KFC in the food and beverage industry. Usefulness of Main Cultural Clusters for International Managers From the analysis performed so far, it is estimated that adapting to the different cultural norms and perspectives in an efficient manner is one of the primary challenges facing the international businesses. Referencing the findings of the study formed by Sheth, Sinha, and Shah (2016), it can be significantly assumed that cultural perceptions, diversity, values, and beliefs are the principal factors associated with the cultural environment of a country that require proper awareness from the marketing managers of a global business organization. The managers must need to define, describe, indentify, and discuss each cultural cluster for constructing a culturally and socially approved approach for the overall business (Kazmi, Naaranoja Worlin 2014). Therefore, the specific understanding suggests that gaining a superior perception about the various cultural groups aids the firm to introduce socially and communally conformed business activities facilitating the desired growth in the chos en market. Apart from that, it was discussed earlier that an economy like UAE, the buying decision of the entire nation is significantly controlled by the cultural groups and peers suggesting the usefulness of extracting detailed insight by the marketing managers of KFC for proliferating the valuable decision making in the international marketing environment. Explanation of the Emergence of Cultural Conflicts KFC and McDonalds are two popular companies representing the American fast food brands have their operational hubs in UAE. It is primarily understood that the fundamental cause of cultural conflict is a failure to adapt the cultural difference through the business models and approaches in a well-fashioned manner. With the help of the work developed by Hooper (2016), it is informed that KFC has faced a significant degree of cultural conflicting issues during its operations in China and Brazil due to the misconception in the promotional and advertisement campaign to disregard the respective tradition of the nations. Hence, it can be observed that failure to comply with the traditional and cultural values during the preparation of the commercial activities would not only hampers the brand image of the company, but also create a considerable hurdle in the evolution of international business (Buerki, et al. 2014). On the other hand, through the involvement of the work of Hoffman, Monemo, and Watson (2014), it is reported that specific revenues of KFC substantially dropped during its Brazilian operations due to the failure to determine the perception of the local consumers during consuming chicken items. Therefore, the global restaurant chains must need to engage in the constant research to recognise the specific tastes and eating habits of the consumers for striving to add new or customised features in the delivery of food items and associated services. Managing Social Responsibility across Borders With the application of Taras and Gonzalez-Perez (2015), corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a continuously emerging resonance in the global economy gaining attention from the marketers worldwide. The particular study reflects that CSR specifies shaping up the approaches and actions of the company for ensuring the delivery of maximum benefits to the community in which the operations are involved. Based on the analysis of the CRS statement of KFC, it is determined that the organization persuades its managers as part of the international venture to play certain set of roles comprehensively addressing the overall social system followed by the country (WANJA 2015). Additionally, the restaurant chain also holds the managers and executives responsible for their duties and respective effects in the individual social settings. International Trade between Two Countries The information disseminated throughout the paper points out that setting up an international business is often a challenging task for the organizations, as the managers and executives relating to the scenario must need to be highly competent and capable of understanding the demands of the target market located in the foreign environment. Here, the variation can be observed between the set of actions and approaches adopted by KFC in UAE and China because of the difference of values, perception, tradition, and cultural conceptions in the two separate geographic locations. KFC assumes two distinct types of customised features for the two separate countries. In China, KFC has to provide increasing stress on using marketing message and developing advertising contents, whereas in UAE, the food items are required complying with the social norms and notions outlined by the cultural cohorts (Hanif, et al., 2014). Conclusion The Middle East is one of the lucrative markets for the western corporations due to the significant growth opportunities provided by the economy. UAE is one of the most popular commercial destinations for raising the standard of an international business model of multinational corporations throughout the world. Because of the entire nation profoundly dominated by the Islamic cultural values, KFC embeds cultural needs and requirements during the formulation of its food items and serving them to the increasing base of customers. For example, the company offers Halal Guaranteed foods to the consumers for capturing the growing opportunities from the particular market environment. 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